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In the process of CONVERTING to ORGANIC 

The winery of Eglisette is located in the town of Moulès-et-Baucels, in the Hérault Valley 45 km north of Montpellier and 60 km north-west of Nîmes.

map of domain of eglisette

The vineyard covers an area of ​​16 hectares scattered around a charming Romanesque church of the 12th century dedicated to St John the Baptist.




The situation of the Domaine in the extreme north of the appellation of Terrasses du Larzac is one of the peculiarities of our vineyard. The day / night thermal amplitudes, which can reach more than 20 degrees in summer when the grapes ripen, favor the aromatic complexity of the grapes and give a particularly pleasant freshness to our wines.

the eglisette among the vines
types of soils of domain of eglisette

It is characterized by 4 types of soils with distinct geological profiles, including an atypical for the region composed of rolled quaternary pebbles.

varieties of vines of domain of eglisette

Red varietals are the majority (Grenache Noir, Syrah, Cinsault, Mourvèdre and Merlot), but the estate also has a fine palette of white grape varieties (Viognier, Grenache Blanc and Roussanne). It is a quality grape variety where old 40-year-old vines rub shoulders with young 8-year-old vines.

Until our takeover of the Estate in April 2015, the harvest was entirely sold to a Cooperative Wine Cellar in the region. Now, we want to produce our own wine and thus restore its acclaim to the soils of the Domaine. For this, we have embarked on an ambitious vineyard restructuring program with grubbing up, replanting, complantation and grafting. Out of respect for the nature around us, we made the choice of a sustainable agriculture, using the least possible chemicals, with a sulphites rate extremely low, by favoring the passage of the intercepts between the vines (weeding mechanical) and the use of organic composts. In this spirit of authenticity, we started converting parcels into organic, without any treatment since 2016.

the cellar of domain of eglisette

The year 2016 was marked by the construction of our semi-gravitational stone winery. This will allow us to vinify all our production on site and to make you discover our wines in our panoramic tasting area.

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